About me

I am an associate professor at the Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of L'Aquila.

My research interests include the design and analysis of exact and approximation algorithms on graphs, of fault-tolerant algorithms and data structures, and the study of problems in the field of Algorithmic Game Theory.
That includes, for example, the design of sparse single-source edge-fault-tolerant spanners and oracles, the design of algorithms that are able to withstand memory corruptions or erroneous operation results (e.g., comparison faults), and the study of distributed network formation dynamics.
I am also interested in pinpointing the computational complexity of combinatorial puzzle games.

A list of my published papers can be found here.

Work & Education



I am one of the founders and maintainers of the Complexity of Games (CoG) project: a collaborative compendium of computational complexity results on games and puzzles.

I am the main developer of Motivo: a collection of tools for counting and sampling motifs in large graphs.


Below is a list of my published papers. You can also check DBLP or Google Scholar.

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I was in the organizing committee of ADFOCS 2019.

I am/was in the program committee of WWW 2023, AAMAS 2023, WSDM 2023, SEA 2022, WWW 2022, SEA 2021, WWW 2021, LSGDA 2020, MLG 2020, MLG 2019, and MLG 2018.

I am/was a reviewer for the following conferences: WINE 2022, DISC 2022, MFCS 2022, WALCOM 2022, ISAAC 2021, ICTCS 2021, ICALP 2021, FSTTCS 2020, ALGOSENSORS 2020, ATMOS 2020, MFCS 2020, ESA 2020, ICTCS 2020, ALGOCLOUD 2019, ESA 2019, PODC 2019, ICALP 2019, SPAA 2019, STOC 2019, ESA 2018, FUN 2018, JCDCG^3 2018, SEA 2018, ICALP 2018, SWAT 2018, ISAAC 2018, ATMOS 2017, SAGT 2017, SODA 2017, ICTCS 2016, ESA 2016, MFCS 2016, ICDM 2016, SIROCCO 2015, ICALP 2013, IWOCA 2013;

...and for the following journals: ACM Transaction on Algorithms, Algorithmica, Discrete Mathematics, Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science, Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, Mathematical Programming, Algorithms, Information Processing Letters, Operations Research Letters.